SALTY'S WATER TREATMENT SUPPLIES AND SERVICES provides only the exact kind of salt dosage your water softener needs, not a lower grade variety that might contain sediment or dirt that could clog your softener.

We bring the salt right to your brine tank and refill it for you, saving you the trouble of dealing with heavy bags of salt.

With us stopping by on a regular basis, you can be sure that we're keeping an eye on your softener to make sure that everything is working in top condition.

Residential Water Treatment System Check
During our initial visit to your house, we will run the water softener through its cycles to ensure that your softener is performing as it should.

SALTY'S Water Treatment Supplies and Services , we recognize that your home is a major investment.  We would like to help you protect your investment by getting the absolute best water quality your equipment can supply.  Just as there is more to maintaining your car than putting gas in it, there is so much more than just adding salt to your equipment.  With over 24 years experience, we can fine tune your existing equipment to provide all it is designed to do.

No one piece of water equipment is designed to do all things.  If your present equipment is not providing the water quality you want to enjoy, we can recommend the most efficient, user friendly equipment to solve your water needs.

Water can contain many different dissolved solids and minerals. Chlorine, used by many Municipal water systems makes water taste bad.

Calcium and Magnesium, common to many areas, can lead to problems around the house such as scale build-up and spots on your glassware and shower doors.

You can have great tasting drinking water and make cleaning your home much easier.

We recommend several home water treatment systems for you, that will deliver an unlimited supply of quality drinking water and clean soft water for multiple uses in your home.


Our Home Drinking Water System is more than just a home water filter, it's the most advanced home filtration system available for your home. This Reverse Osmosis System provides healthy, great-tasting water and fits easily under your sink to give your family quality drinking water from your kitchen sink and the refrigerator/ice maker.

Reasons to have a "Reverse Osmosis Residential Water Treatment System" installed in your home:

Conveniently installed in kitchen.

You get gallon after gallon of fresh drinking water that tastes clean and pure.

Filters eliminate bad tastes, odors and unwanted contaminates.

Great tasting water right at your sink.

Reasons to have a "Residential Water Softener" installed in your home."

Eliminates lime deposits.

Kitchen and bathroom fixtures rinse free of soap to a clean shine and sparkle.

Soft water gives you spot-free dishes and glasses.

Clothes come cleaner using less soap with a water conditioner.

Soft water rinses clothes free from soap scum. It's perfect for brighter, softer towels and shirts.

Soft water is more efficient for washing clothes, so you'll use less detergent.

Hard water impurities that can cause dry skin irritations are removed.

Hair and skin are cleaner, softer and smoother to the touch.


Problem Water is no problem.
Turn Problem Water Into Pure, Clear Water.

Whether from a Well or a Municipal System, problem water takes on many different looks: the unmistakable smell of sulfur water, the hazy look of too much sediment in the water, water staining, and the corrosive effects of water with a low pH. All different problems.  I have many effective solutions to these and other water problems you may have. All water filters are customized to handle your specific type of problem water, and these filters are perfect for a well water purification system.

Carbon Filtration for taking care of taste and odor problems.
Our filters are activated carbon filters designed to eliminate bad tastes and odors that are commonly found in water. Activated carbon water filters are chlorine water filters as well. They also work against most discoloration problems.  Our Carbon Water Filters are high grade activated carbon for long life.

The first step in understanding
your water quality begins with
having it professionally tested.
Through a detailed evaluation,
you can find out which water
treatment solutions you require.
Here in Palm Bay, the most
common complaint is hard
water with high iron levels.
Left untreated, you'll soon
see orange staining
everywhere the
water flows.

Hard Water is the result of dissolved minerals, primarily calcium and magnesium, in one's water supply. Water Hardness levels can greatly fluctuate and higher levels of this type of water hardness can produce more dramatic and pronounced scaling symptoms. Dealing with hard water in the home can be a nuisance, and often has an effect on everything from personal grooming to your laundry. It is also likely to increase energy costs within a household as hard water will clog pipes, which reduces water flow and ultimately requires expensive repairs or pipe replacements.

Corrosion is the deterioration of plumbing and / or fixtures associated with water quality. Corrosion is primarily caused by corrosive [acidic] chemical and physical reactions between the water passing through the plumbing material. Corrosion can create negative effects within one's home such as failed water heating systems, discoloration to your laundry, and in some cases even leaving blonde hair a bluish-green hue.
Iron and Manganese

Iron and manganese are both metals that can be present in tap water or untreated water, and can be traced either to the groundwater and / or water distribution system. These metals can either be dissolved in the water (ferrous) or exist as solid particles (ferric). Reddish-brown and black staining on clothes and home fixtures can be attributed to iron and manganese, which can ultimately lead to costly re-glazing of household sinks and baths.

Should water have flavor? The answer is no. Any taste and / or odor in a water supply can make the water objectionable for use. Some common descriptions of tastes and odors include chlorine, metallic, swampy, musty, salty, fishy or rotten eggs. These arduous odors are most often caused by the presence of sulfates or hydrogen sulfide in the water, which in some cases can cause nausea or have a laxative effect. Home water is used in a variety of areas in your life, when your water is used in cooking or for drinking, you want it as clean and pure as possible.

Dissolved solids in water leave deposits on fixtures after evaporation has a salty or brackish taste, or has a known content of mineral in excess of accepted drinking water standards. Lower TDS in water provides optimal taste for drinks, teas, coffees, etc. The US EPA advises that water over 500 TDS will negatively affect the taste and quality of drinking water.

Coliform and Ecoli. are the two main types of bacteria that are commonly tested to indicate the possible presence of disease causing bacteria in water. The presence of these bacteria may cause illnesses in humans and animals when consumed. Water containing any amounts of these bacteria is not considered safe to drink according to the US EPA.

Nitrates is a natural nitrogen compound sometimes found in well or surface water. In high concentrations, nitrates can be harmful to young infants or young livestock. Nitrates over 10.4ppm aren't considered safe to drink according to the Pennsylvania 's DEP.

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"I've known Salty since 1987. He's dependable, affordable and comes out on the spot when I need him.  He's there when he says he'll be.  Once he was out of town when I had an emergency and he walked me through correcting my problem on the phone.  Best of all, this blonde no longer has orange streaks in her hair due to iron in my water.  Salty is a gem."  Andrea de Michaelis, Palm Bay, FL